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What To Pack When Traveling with Your Baby

by |  February 27th, 2014

Do you have a packing list for traveling on plane with a baby?

My husband and I are taking our one-year-old daughter on her first BIG trip to Florida. We’ll be renting a car there so we can pick up diapers, etc. when we arrive. But, we’re first time parents and have no idea what to pack for her during the traveling besides the main things that would go in a diaper bag.

Thank you!

Happy child baby toddler sitting on yellow plastic travel suitcaGood question. No doubt you realize that air travel these days is quite a production. We recommend checking some of your bags so that you have less to carry on board. If you’re changing planes, however, this may not be the best idea because you always risk your bags not making the connection. . So let’s assume you are flying direct. . The caveat here…do not check any medications. These should always stay with you. .

In your carry on…

  • Bring plenty of diapers. Estimate the total travel time (to airport, security lines, waiting area, boarding, flying time, leaving the plane, getting the rental car) when deciding the number of diapers. Then add five. The extra is to prepare for any possible delays. While you can buy diapers at the airport, they are expensive.
  • Bring snacks. And lots of them! .
  • Pack a few new toys your baby hasn’t seen yet as well as an old favorite or two.
  • Don’t forget any special blankets or other “loveys” that will remind her of home.

Stick to her usual routine as much as possible. If your baby normally eats a meal or goes down for a nap during the time you’re on the plane, try to encourage that if possible. If you bottle feed, check with the FAA ( for rules on liquid in baby bottles which are a different set of rules for other liquids. Giving her a bottle or breast feeding during takeoff and landing is a great idea because sucking helps equalize air pressure and avoid ear pain.

Hope that helps. Have a safe flight.

Ari Brown, MD

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