Flu shots are here! We will have a flu shot clinic on Saturday, Sept 30 and Oct 14. Please call the office to schedule an appointment. We have a limited supply of the Flumist nasal spray. More info below on our landing page.

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Office mask policy: we ask that patients over 4 wear masks for sick visits.

Looking for an Austin pediatrician? At 411 Pediatrics and After Hours Care, we know kids! Our expert team of healthcare providers offers a caring medical home and comprehensive healthcare for your child from birth through adolescence. We offer the right care at the right time for your baby or child, with the convenience of being open 6 days a week. From newborn care, well-child checks, and sports physicals to treatment for illnesses and minor injuries—we are there when you need us.

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For parents-to-be, we want you to take our 411 NEWBORN CARE online masterclass  BEFORE your baby is born. It covers everything you need to know right after delivery and in the first two weeks of life. Believe us, those first days can be overwhelming and it helps to be prepared! Click for a discount code

Dr. Brown’s Sleeping Through The Night online course is a comprehensive sleep class for newborns to age one. If you are considering an online sleep class, we highly recommend taking our class as it answers all your questions–we promise–and you know it is a reliable source of information!  

We are partners in your child’s health. We get it. We give you the information you need to make informed decisions regarding your child’s health and well-being. Our role is to assess, evaluate, educate, and advise—but also to listen, empathize, reassure, and lend support. In the office, by phone, or direct messaging via our secure patient portal, we make it easy to stay connected.

*When the office is closed, call 911 if you have an emergency or go to the nearest pediatric emergency room. The After Hours Nurse Line can be reached at 512-327-0411, Push “5”. Please be advised there is a $27 charge for this service.

FLU VACCINE: Our first flu vaccine shipment has arrived! We have ample supply of flu shots. We have a limited supply of the nasal flu vaccine, Flumist, for eligible children who are 2 years old and up*.

Please print and fill out a consent form for each person getting vaccinated in advance of your appointment time and we’ll make it as quick and easy and as painless as possible to protect everyone!

  • Saturday flu vaccine clinics: We will offer flu vaccine by appointment only (for our patients AND their parents) on Saturday, Sept 30th and Saturday, Oct 14 from 9:30 am—12:30pm. Only flu vaccines will be given at this time. We plan on additional flu vaccine clinics in the fall so watch for other dates at 411Pediatrics.com.
  • Please no walk-ins.
  • Payment and charges: Our office needs updated insurance information and a credit card on file prior to your flu vaccine appointment. There is no out-of-pocket cost for patients with insurance.
  • For parents, the cost is $35 for flu shots and $40 for flu nasal spray due at time of injection because we cannot bill insurance for parents.
  • If your child is sick (fever of 100.4 F or above), please cancel and reschedule the flu vaccine appointment.
  • Flu vaccine with well checks: We will offer flu vaccine at scheduled well check appointments during regular office hours.
  • Flu vaccine with ‘sick’ visits: We will offer flu vaccine to patients who have appointments for non-infectious sick visits.
  • Flu vaccine for tag-a-long siblings: If you bring one child in for a well check and want a sibling to come along and get a flu vaccine that day, please notify the office ahead of time and print/fill out/bring the flu consent form.

Flu vaccine eligibility details:

  • Children ages 6 months and up are eligible to receive flu shot.
  • Children under 9 years of age receiving flu vaccine for the first time need 2 doses, given at least 4 weeks apart for optimal protection.
  • Flumist* Healthy people, non-pregnant people ages 2 years—49 years old can receive Flumist nasal spray. Children with a history of asthma or wheezing in the past 12 months are not eligible for Flumist.

Get your flu shot now. Flu vaccine protects against the 4 most likely circulating flu strains this year (two A strains and two B strains). Flu vaccine protection lasts through the typical flu season from October to April, so it is appropriate to get flu vaccine as soon as possible.

COVID VACCINE: The FDA recently approved a new COVID-19 (XBB.1.5) vaccine that is intended to offer better protection against the current circulating strains of coronavirus. The Centers for Disease Control Advisory Committee recommends everyone ages 6 months old and up receive this updated vaccine. The benefits of protection against severe disease outweighs the risk of adverse events after vaccination.

We encourage our patients to receive this updated vaccine. Because of our practice size, we are unable to order the minimum amount of vaccine vials required to stock this vaccine in the office. So, we will not be offering it anymore

Martin’s Wellness (2 locations: Lamar Plaza Drugstore and Dripping Springs Pharmacy) can administer COVID vaccine to children under age 3 with a prescription from our office. Tarrytown Pharmacy offers COVID vaccine to children ages 3 and up. Please contact the office for more information.

1.     If your child has had COVID infection in the past 3 months, it’s reasonable to wait at least 3 months before getting this updated vaccine. Natural disease likely offers protection for 3 months and the immune response to the vaccine may be better.

2.     For unvaccinated children ages 6 months to under 5 years, the updated vaccine series is 2 doses of Moderna or 3 doses of Pfizer vaccine.

3.     For unvaccinated children ages 5 years and up, the updated vaccine is 1 dose of Moderna or 1 dose of Pfizer vaccine. (The rationale is that older children are more likely to have had a previous infection. This primes the immune system to have a better response to a single dose of vaccine.)

4.     Previously vaccinated children ages 6 months and up are encouraged to get 1 dose of the updated vaccine at least 2 months after the last time they were vaccinated.

RSV ANTIBODY SHOTS (for babies) AND RSV VACCINE (for pregnancy): RSV, Respiratory Syncytial Virus, is a common infection that typically arrives from October to April every year and infects almost all children by 2 years of age. While it can seem like a pretty miserable cold for some kids, it can cause wheezing, labored breathing, and dehydration leading to up to 80,000 hospitalizations in young children annually—particularly children under one year of age and those born prematurely.

A monthly monoclonal antibody shot, Synagis, provides a way to give immediate protection (without priming the immune system by vaccination) has been available for premature babies for over 20 years.

The FDA recently approved a long-acting monoclonal antibody shot, Beyfortus. It is very similar to Synagis, but one dose gives immediate protection against RSV that lasts for 5 months. It is recommended for all babies under 8 months of age and for children ages 8-19 months who are at higher risk of severe disease. It can be given in the newborn nursery or later, in a pediatrician’s office.

The FDA also recently approved an RSV vaccine for pregnant women to be given at 32-36 weeks of pregnancy. The mother mounts an immune response to the vaccine and passes her antibodies to the baby, offering RSV protection starting at birth that lasts about six months. If you are currently pregnant, we suggest asking your obstetrician about this vaccine.

In pre-marketing studies, both products are at least 70-80% effective in reducing the risk of serious RSV infection in babies for 5-6 months.

We are enthusiastic about both products, but please know that it may take a while to sort out logistics regarding ordering, distribution, and insurance coverage for Beyfortus. We will keep you updated about availability of Beyfortus at our office or at the Austin area hospitals in the coming months.

411 Pediatrics and After Hours Care Services

  • Newborn care online class
  • Breastfeeding prep classes for parents-to-be
  • Newborn care
  • Breastfeeding support and lactation services
  • Well-child checkups and camp/sports physicals
  • Vaccinations
  • Developmental, behavioral, and attention, learning differences assessments
  • Sleeping Through The Night online class
  • Sleep and toilet training consultations
  • Illness care (e.g. fever, colic, ear infections, Strep throat, asthma, allergies, vomiting)
  • Ear piercing
  • Convenient after-hours care and online access to accommodate busy schedules
  • Whooping cough shots and flu shots for parents and caregivers

Seeking an Austin pediatrician that Specializes in Babies?

If only babies came with an instruction manual! Our team, including Dr. Ari Brown, nationally acclaimed pediatrician and author of the Baby 411 book series, is passionate about helping families just like yours.

We want breastfeeding to be a successful and enjoyable experience. Our independent, certified lactation consultants are here to help! From breastfeeding classes for parents-to-be, newborn assessments, consultations, hospital-grade breast pump rentals and breast pump sales, Alice Stegmann, RN, IBCLC and Tracy Gubelin, RN, IBCLC, offer a full array of services in our office and also offer home visits.

Our team of Ari Brown, MD, Ava Gallagher, MD, Cacey Adams, MD, and Laura Cox PA-C, and independent lactation consultants (breastfeeding support) provide the best care for your child. Contact us at (512) 327-0411 for emergencies when the office is closed. Our offices are located at located at 925 Westbank Drive, Austin, Texas 78746.

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