Newborn Care

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Entrust Your Newborn Care to Our Pediatricians in Austin

You will spend a great deal of time with your child’s pediatrician—so you’ll want a provider who is knowledgeable, comforting, and trustworthy.
From pregnancy through the first months of your baby’s life, our pediatricians in Austin will guide you through each milestone and miraculous moment. Both new and experienced parents are better prepared to manage newborn care and safety with our pediatricians on their team.

Choosing a Pediatrician in Austin

We are fortunate to have many terrific pediatricians in Austin! You just need to find the right fit for you and your family. When you interview potential pediatric practices, inquire about After Hours Pediatric Care, sick visit policies and lactation support.

Check the About Us page or watch our Welcome to 411 Pediatrics video to learn more about our pediatricians. When you choose a practice, ask yourself:

  •  Is my pediatrician board certified in pediatrics?
    Get the 411. We wrote the book on baby care. Our founder, Dr. Ari Brown authored the nationally acclaimed parenting bible, Baby 411.  Learn about our entire 411 team.
  • How experienced is my pediatrician?
  • Is my pediatrician available after hours and on weekends?
  • Does my pediatrician accept electronic communications with patients?
  • Is the staff calm and friendly?
  • Is there a separate waiting room for sick and well children?
  • Is the location convenient and is parking ample and accessible?

You will find all of these things and more at 411 Pediatrics, located near Westlake High School and minutes away from Barton Creek Mall.

When you are expecting a baby, you will want to feel prepared for childbirth and beyond. We can help! One of our pediatricians, Dr. Ari Brown, co-authored Expecting 411: Clear Answers and Smart Advice for Your Pregnancy, Baby 411, and Toddler 411, the nationally best selling parenting book series.

Experienced and Nurturing Newborn Care

The first few days and weeks with your newborn can be overwhelming. Our online newborn care class goes beyond the basic skills such as diapering, bathing, feeding and swaddling. We want you to be ready to make decisions about cord blood banking and circumcision, and prepared for dealing with jaundice, fever, or a fussy baby. You are not alone!

Our pediatric providers offer advice and assessments as needed during this physically and emotionally demanding phase of childhood. We will hold your hand and answer questions in person, by phone, and online through our free patient portal to address these and other common newborn care topics:

• Bonding and soothing techniques
Car seat safety
• Diaper rash prevention and therapies
Immunization schedules
• Reflux signs and treatments
• Sudden infant death SIDS prevention
• Umbilical cord care

We schedule a newborn checkup 3-5 days after birth. During this first visit, you can expect to discuss your questions and concerns at length. A breastfeeding assessment is included as part of this initial office consultation.


Installing an Infant Car Seat in Austin

14796166_sThe Safe Riders Traffic Safety Program provides helpful information about child passenger safety and assists with installing car seats.

Contact the program for more information.

Get the 411.


We wrote the book on baby care. Our founder, Dr. Ari Brown authored the nationally acclaimed parenting bible, Baby 411. Join us for our free monthly baby care class and meet our entire 411 team.