Our state government has placed personal responsibility upon us to protect each other. Thus, our staff will continue to wear masks and will continue to require patients and their families to wear masks in our facility. Thank you for understanding and respecting that our highest priority is to protect everyone.


COVID-19 update: We have test kits!

COVID-19 update: WE have test kits! COVID-19 PCR Testing now available at 411 Pediatrics. COVID-19 Read More

 July 19th, 2020 | Posted In: 411 Pediatrics

COVID-19 update: Exposures, Testing, Daycare, School

June 26 COVID-19 UPDATE Hello again! We’re back with a long overdue (and lengthy) update Read More

 June 27th, 2020 | Posted In: 411 Pediatrics

COVID-19: Daycare? Summer Camp? Kawasaki Disease?

COVID UPDATE—May 15 We have been getting lots of the same questions, so hopefully this Read More

 May 14th, 2020 | Posted In: infections

COVID-19: You’re scared of coming in…we’re scared of you not coming in.

You’re scared about coming in. We’re scared about you NOT coming in. COVID-19 has been Read More

 April 21st, 2020 | Posted In: 411 Pediatrics

COVID 19: New 411 Telehealth & office modifications

March 23, 2020 Dear 411 Families, We remain committed to taking care of your healthcare Read More

 March 22nd, 2020 | Posted In: 411 Pediatrics Current Events