Our state government has placed personal responsibility upon us to protect each other. Thus, our staff will continue to wear masks and will continue to require patients and their families to wear masks in our facility. Thank you for understanding and respecting that our highest priority is to protect everyone.

Centers for Disease Control

CDC.gov (www.cdc.gov) is your online source for credible health information.

The official Web site of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). CDC is committed to achieving true improvements in people’s health. CDC applies research and findings to improve people’s daily lives and responds to health emergencies—something that distinguishes CDC from its peer agencies. Working with states and other partners, CDC provides a system of health surveillance to monitor and prevent disease outbreaks (including bioterrorism), implement disease prevention strategies, and maintain national health statistics. CDC also guards against international disease transmission, with personnel stationed in more than 25 foreign countries.

CDC.gov provides parents with credible, reliable health information on:

Data and Statistics
Diseases and Conditions
Emergencies and Disasters
Environmental Health
Healthy Living
Injury, Violence and Safety
Life Stages and Populations
Travelers’ Health
Workplace Safety and Health
Visit CDC.gov for more information