We have a New sleeping through the night course!
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Meet Our Providers and Newborn Care Class

We would love to meet you!

Options for new families to see our office and visit with our 411 team.

Option #1: Online 411 Pediatrics Intro and Newborn Care Class

If you are expecting a baby, we encourage you to watch our Welcome to 411 Pediatrics video and highly recommend watching our extremely helpful, 30 minute newborn care video.

While many area hospitals offer a brief overview of basic newborn care, the 411 Newborn care video masterclass is very reality-based! We will prepare you for the early days and weeks with your baby. Topics include newborn health issues, jaundice, breastfeeding challenges, vaccinations, sleep safety, and soothing techniques from the pros (not to be missed!)

Want to know more about your pregnancy and how to minimize health risks to your baby? Check out Expecting 411: Clear Answers and Smart Advice for your Pregnancy, written by renowned Los Angeles-based OB/Gyn Dr. Michele Hakakha and our own Dr. Ari Brown.


Option #2: Meet and Greet Consultation

If you prefer to meet with one of our providers in a one-on-one consultation, Dr. Ava Gallagher and Dr. Cacey Adams offer meet and greet visits for a fee of $20.


Option #3: Sick visit appointment

If you are considering transferring care to our practice, one the best ways to get a feel for the practice is to schedule a sick visit appointment for your child. This is a good opportunity for both you and your child to experience our caring staff and kid-friendly office. As long as there is a health issue to discuss, our office can file a claim with your insurance company.