Scheduling Appointments

Here’s some quick steps for scheduling appointments with 411 Pediatrics

Transferring Medical Records

New to Austin? Changing providers? We welcome you and look forward to meeting you and your family! We kindly ask you to provide your child’s current vaccination record and growth charts before making your first appointment with the practice. Ideally, we would like to have your child’s complete medical record prior to the first office visit, especially if it is a consultation or second opinion type of visit. We have this policy in place to ensure the most appropriate care and to give you an efficient, positive experience at your first visit.

Schedule an Appointment

Well Child appointments: To book a well child appointment, either call the office or click on the free 411 Patient Portal. The portal will allow you to request a well child appointment but our staff will handle the actual scheduling and confirmation with you. To book a sick visit or a consultation, please call the office at 512-327-0411.

Sick Child appointments: We ask that you call the office at 512-327-0411 to schedule an illness or injury visit. Because these healthcare issues require immediate attention, please do not use our patient portal, email, or social media outlets to reach out to our staff.

Consultations: Our healthcare providers are happy to offer extended office visits for new patient consultations, second opinions, complex medical issues, chronic or recurrent medical issues, and concerns such as developmental delays, toilet training, constipation, bedwetting, sleep issues, behavior issues, learning challenges, and attention issues. Please inquire about scheduling a consultation.

411 Telehealth Services: Our healthcare providers offer both sick visit and non-vaccine, non-sports physical well child visits via our telehealth app. Click here to register for this service. We will bill your insurance company for the visit but if that claim is denied, there is a maximum fee of $75 to use this service.

Walk In visits: It’s best to call and schedule an appointment as it ensures that your child will be seen in a timely manner.  Visit the 411 After Hours page.

**Please note that a credit card on file is required for all patients prior to scheduling in-person and telehealth visits.

Helpful forms

Before your first appointment at 411 Pediatrics, we encourage you to take a moment to review our office policies, fill out the state immunization registry acceptance form, and if applicable, request your child’s medical records from his or her previous healthcare provider. You will need to send the medical records release form to the previous healthcare provider.

Review our office policies here: 411 Universal Policy Form

Sign up for the state immunization registry here: Texas Immunization Registry form

Medical Records release to 411 Pediatrics: Medical records release form