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by |  September 29th, 2013

Babies haven’t changed, but what we’ve learned about them has!

Today0913The TODAY Show invited me on their show last Thursday to discuss the pendulum of baby advice—what’s changed over the years and why.

Evidence-based advice get updated so frequently that parents shouldn’t rely on family and friends, or even books written more than two years ago to get accurate information (hence, the reason why I have to keep revising Baby 411 every couple of years!). Grandma’s advice on how to soothe a baby is probably spot-on, but topics like feeding and sleep safety is probably way off base.

How can a parent keep up? The most important step parents can take is to select a pediatrician who they trust and who keeps up with the latest medical literature. And of course, pick up the 6th edition of Baby 411–which just came out last month!

Here are a few quick links to updates on some of the topics mentioned:

·       A Parent’s Guide To Safe Sleep

·       AAP Updates Recommendations on Car Seats

·       Swaddling: Is it Safe?

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Dr. Ari Brown founded 411 Pediatrics and After Hours Care in Austin after two decades of education and experience in child development, behavioral pediatrics and pediatric healthcare. Our pediatric associates, consisting of pediatricians, pediatric nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and lactation consultants, share a common goal. We partner with parents to help children grow up healthy, happy, and resilient!

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