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Dr. Shubha Adeni Answers: Can Babies Get Seasonal Allergies?

by |  October 11th, 2016

The season of wheezing, sneezing and runny noses has just kicked off. Living in Austin, we have the (unlucky) privilege of having a long allergy season lasting through to April.

How can you tell if it is a cold or allergy? And at what age can seasonal allergies begin?toddler with seasonal allergies

Having practiced in Austin for more than 15 years, 411 Pediatrics pediatrician, Dr. Shubha Adeni, knows all about identifying and treating allergies. She answered your questions here:

Can babies have seasonal allergies?

Dr. Adeni says that generally a child needs to see a few seasons before getting the sneezing and wheezing that comes along with seasonal allergies. Around two years old is usually when symptoms start becoming obvious.

What do I do if I suspect by baby has an allergy?

If you (the parent) or an older sibling already have seasonal allergies it is very likely your baby will have them, too. So, talk to your pediatrician about your suspicions and begin tracking symptoms.

What should you look for? Common seasonal allergy symptoms such as itchy eyes, a runny or stuffy nose and wheezing.

“But, if she has a fever or persistent cough, it’s most likely a cold,” said Dr. Adeni.

How do I treat my baby’s allergy?

Start with treating the symptoms. Most often your baby or toddler will get the most relief by treating the abundant mucus. Since babies and toddlers have a hard time getting rid of snot on their own, try steaming up the bathroom, adding a water vapor machine in their room or squirting saline in their nose.

For babies older than 12-months old you can also try Benadryl. But, check with your pediatrician first.

If symptoms become disruptive and your treatments don’t provide relief, your pediatrician will probably recommend an allergist.

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Dr. Ari Brown is a pediatrician and a mom. Dr. Brown is Board Certified and a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. She has been in private practice for over 20 years. Her passion to advocate for children and educate families extends beyond the office setting. She is the co-author the bestselling "411" parenting book series including Expecting 411: Clear Answers and Smart Advice for your Pregnancy, Baby 411, and Toddler 411. Dr. Brown has received several professional awards including the Ralph Feigin, MD Award for Professional Excellence, the prestigious Profiles in Power Award by the Austin Business Journal for her service to the community, Austin's Favorite Pediatrician by Austin Family Magazine, and Texas Monthly Magazine's Super Doctor.

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