The Value of Your Baby’s First Visit

The value of your baby’s first visit.

The first office visit or “newborn follow-up” is extremely important to ensure your baby is thriving. During the first few days of life, it is normal for newborns lose up to 10% of their birth weight. Newborns who lose more than this amount are at risk for becoming dehydrated and significantly jaundiced. As such, this follow-up visit helps both parent and provider know that all is well or know that additional steps need to be taken until feedings are going smoothly.

And, starting off on the right path is crucial for long-term breastfeeding success. We want mother and baby to have a good, comfortable latch and a plan that encourages and protects mom’s milk supply. That’s why our office includes a breastfeeding assessment from our awesome lactation consultants during this visit (weekdays only).

Installing an Infant Car Seat in Austin

14796166_sThe Safe Riders Traffic Safety Program provides helpful information about child passenger safety and assists with installing car seats.

Contact the program for more information.

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