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Where To Go In An Emergency

by |  October 21st, 2013

KXAN_After Hours Care Oct_ 2013Kids can get injured or ill at anytime of day. Between after hours care, urgent care centers, retail clinics and free standing ERs…well, it’s a confusing maze of decisions for parents when their child has an emergency.

So, where should parents go if their child is injured or ill?

Dr. Ari Brown recently spoke to KXAN about the differences of these emergency care options. The most important tip…learn about your emergency care options before an emergency happens.

Visit the After Hours Care page for more information about 411 Pediatrics’ care options. We’re open 7 days per week and all kids are welcome!

Here are four more tips to consider…

  • Kids are not small adults. Find out which setting has pediatric specialists on staff.
  • Costs are generally higher in ER and Urgent Care settings.
  • Always have available a list of your child’s medications and pediatrician’s contact information.
  • If you have a major emergency, go to the nearest ER or call 911.

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Dr. Ari Brown founded 411 Pediatrics and After Hours Care in Austin after two decades of education and experience in child development, behavioral pediatrics and pediatric healthcare. Our pediatric associates, consisting of pediatricians, pediatric nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and lactation consultants, share a common goal. We partner with parents to help children grow up healthy, happy, and resilient!

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