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When it's 102, think FLU

Flu season has begun. Fever and bodyaches are the first signs of flu.

by |  December 9th, 2014
If it's 102, think FLU

If it’s 102, think FLU

When it’s 102, Think Flu!

Yes, flu season has arrived. We had a couple of kids with positive Flu A tests today, so we know it is officially here.

In general, the first symptoms are high fever and bodyaches…the cough and runny nose comes later.

As you may have heard, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is predicting a severe flu season. Unfortunately, the first strain to arrive this season, H3N2 (an influenza A strain) has mutated from one of the four strains used to create this year’s flu vaccine. While the vaccine isn’t completely useless (usually there are two strains that arrive each year–an A strain and a B strain), everyone is preparing for a serious flu season since H3N2 is more likely to cause severe illness.

So, if your child has a fever of 102 or above, please come visit us so we can check for flu. Starting anti-viral medication (Tamiflu or Relenza) within the first 48 hours of symptoms is the most effective treatment.

Signs of more serious infection include decreased urination, labored breathing, and extreme lethargy. Kids under age two, those with asthma, and children with chronic diseases are at the greatest risk of serious infection.

Please remind your kids to wash hands and cover their coughs to help prevent spread of cold and flu germs. It also isn’t too late to get a flu vaccine. Remember, flu vaccine will provide protection for 4 different flu virus strains and we are just getting rolling with the season.


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