Obesity Prevention Starts Early, Even in Womb

by |  February 5th, 2014

Two studies published this week called attention to obesity and kids—when it starts and who is most at risk.

Boy eating a red appleThe topic isn’t new but the discovery is…kids who are overweight in their kindergarten and pre-school years are more likely to be obese teenagers.

In addition to the social effects, excess pounds have health implications that could extend into teenage years and adulthood like early signs of hypertension, joint issues, depression and even poor performance in school.

A second study suggested poor maternal diet may be laying the groundwork for obesity, too.

Look pregnancy is not a time for the ‘eat-everything-I-want-X-two’ diet. It’s more important than ever to eat healthfully because the little peanut inside is relying on YOU for nutrients.

What’s the lesson? Be a good role model.If you want your child to eat healthfully, exercise regularly and limit time in front of the TV or computer… start by doing these things yourself. Because it’s never too early when it comes to teaching AND practicing a healthy lifestyle.

Check out the American Academy of Pediatrics’ obesity prevention tips for parents.

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