Getting Started with 411 Pediatrics

Welcome to 411 Pediatrics!

411 Pediatrics consists of Ari Brown MD, Ava Gallagher MD, Cacey Adams MD, and Laura Cox, PA. We are also the home for independent lactation consultants, Alice Stegmann, RN, IBCLC and Tracy Gubelin, RN, IBCLC. These breastfeeding experts assist with newborn follow up appointments and provide consultation services. Our team shares the same healthcare philosophy. We value compassion, communication, and convenience. Families deserve an available, accessible medical home that knows their children. And, they should be able to connect to their healthcare providers in the digital age. We get it!

We are open 6 days a week! Please call the office for specific scheduling information. We are open 8am-5pm Monday through Friday. Saturday hours are 9am-1pm. As always, you can contact our healthcare providers by phone or via the patient portal when the office is closed.

Scheduling appointments: To book an appointment or a consultation, please call the office at 512-327-0411.

Contacting the office: The 411 Patient Portal is a free, health privacy secure communication tool that allows direct messaging between our patients and 411 staff. It is extremely easy and convenient to leave non-urgent questions for our providers or staff. Please sign up. We promise that you’ll love it! Note: it may take 1-2 business days to return messages on the portal, so please call the office if you have a medical issue that requires more urgent attention. For instance, if your child has a fever, breathing problems, vomiting, etc, please call the office. Patients who have a medical question and referring doctors and hospitals should call the office at 512-327-0411 when the office is closed to be connected to the medical staff on-call for the practice.

Transferring medical records: To transfer your child’s medical records, just print and fill out an  authorization for medical records release form. You will need to send that form to your current medical provider’s office, where the records are housed, and that office will send the records to our office.

Insurance accepted: The office accepts most major insurance plans.

Newborn hospital rounds: We do not make newborn hospital rounds. The pediatric hospitalist service sees newborns for our practice at all area hospitals. Once you all come home from the hospital, you will need to schedule a newborn followup visit at our office when your baby is 3-5 days old. The time frame varies depending on how many days are spent at the hospital after delivery, how feedings are going, and what your newborn’s weight is on the day of discharge. We can provide additional guidance when you call to schedule the appointment. Please be sure to bring any paperwork and hospital/birthing center discharge records with you to your baby’s first appointment.

Vaccinations: Our practice follows the vaccination schedule recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. We feel very strongly about the importance of protecting our youngest patients as soon as it is safe and effective to do so. Families who have philosophical differences to this approach to healthcare may feel more comfortable elsewhere. Please click on the “immunizations” tab for additional information. You may also find this video helpful.

We hope to see you and your beautiful children soon!! We accept newborns and children ages 0-18 as new patients.

For information about Dr. Brown’s books, Baby 411, Toddler 411, and Expecting 411, visit and for media queries, see