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Medical Care after Delivery at Birthing Center/Home

What happens after I deliver in a birthing center or at home?

After delivery, a nurse midwife typically performs the newborn exam, visits with you the day after delivery, and also follows up with the two-week well child examination. It is standard of care to provide a Vitamin K shot and antibiotic eye ointment to all newborns.

The State of Texas also mandates that newborns receive a newborn hearing screen, heart defect screen, and blood metabolic disorder screening test, which means that insurance companies must cover the costs of these screens. The American Academy of Pediatrics also recommends that the first Hepatitis B vaccine be given shortly after delivery. We strongly advise you to comply with all of these standards, as they are in place to make sure your baby is healthy, and protect from serious illness and infection. If the birthing center provider does not offer a Hepatitis B shot or hearing screening, please contact our office for assistance. We can see your baby for his two month well child visit, or sooner, if health issues arise.

Installing an Infant Car Seat in Austin

14796166_sThe Safe Riders Traffic Safety Program provides helpful information about child passenger safety and assists with installing car seats.

Contact the program for more information.

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