We have Pfizer COVID19 vaccine for kids ages 12 and up and Flu shot and Flumist now.
Our final Saturday flu vaccine clinic is november 6--please call the office to schedule now!
Scroll down to see blog post on Flu vaccine details. Call the office for more info on COVID19 vaccine.

Why Vitamin D?

Whether your baby is breast or formula fed, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends an oral Vitamin D supplement (400 IU) daily.

Breastfed babies should continue taking this daily supplement until they have other dietary sources of Vitamin D, which usually means after a year of age. Formula fed babies need to continue the vitamin supplements until they are drinking at least 32 oz of formula daily (around 4 months of age). Why? Vitamin D is essential for healthy bone growth. Most breast milk is deficient in Vitamin D and for most infant formula preparations, babies need to take a large enough daily volume to get the appropriate amount of Vitamin D from it. There are a variety of baby Vitamin D drops on the market. We typically recommend D-Vi-Sol because it is easy to find and is strictly Vitamin D (not a multivitamin).


Installing an Infant Car Seat in Austin

14796166_sThe Safe Riders Traffic Safety Program provides helpful information about child passenger safety and assists with installing car seats.

Contact the program for more information.


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